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Trash is picked up every Friday and includes mattresses, boxsprings and furniture. Do  not put out televisions, computers, DVD players or other electronic devices (see below  E-Waste for electronics disposal).  Items NOT ALLOWED in Trash Pick-up:  concrete,  dirt, bricks, batteries, railroad ties, rocks, tires, logs, construction debris,  stumps etc.,  will not be collected by Casworth.   Trash can be placed at the curb Thursday evening or  before 6 am on Friday.  All trash containers must be removed from the curb by Friday  evening.  PLEASE RECYCLE.  Recycling is picked-up on Tuesdays.   Recycling reduces  the amount of trash taken to the incinerator or landfill and is mandated in the State of  New Jersey.  National Park encourages all residents to recycle and has entered into an  agreement with the Recycle Bank who allows residents to earn points towards  purchases.  Click here for more information on the Rewards Program. Items to be Recycled/Separated.  Newspapers, cardboard,  plastics (including soda bottles, household detergents, water/milk containers, glass bottles, jars of all colors, tin, aluminum and bi-  metallic cans).  Items must be rinsed of food products and caps  removed.  Place ALL items in the large blue container supplied  by the Recycle Bank.  If you do not have a blue container, call  Public Works at 848-2363.  Rinse out cans and bottles before  placing them in the container.    E-Waste is picked up on Tuesdays along with the RecyclingBeginning January 2010  New Jersey regulations make it illegal to place electronics into the regular trash.  Items  considered E-Waste include:  computers, keyboards, scanners, towers, printers, wires,  speakers, stereos, videocassette recorders, DVD players, fax machines, electric  typewriters, table top copiers, telephone systems, batteries, microwave ovens, blenders,  televisions and most electronic equipment.  These items should be placed next to your  blue recycling container for pick up on Tuesday.  (DO NOT place any E-WASTE item in  the blue recycle bin.)  Grass Clippings.   Must be mulched or recycled on your own property.  Under no  circumstances will the Borough collect grass clippings. Grasscycling - what is it???  Click here for more information.  Trash from home remodeling projects should be placed in a private trash container  provided by the homeowner or contractor.  Tree Branches.  Tree branches less than 2 inches in diameter must be cut into 4 foot lengths and tied into bundles not  exceeding 50 lbs.  Tree limbs that are between 2 and 6 inches in diameter must be cut into 4 foot lengths and stacked at the  curb. Leaf Collection (October 15 through December 15).  Leaves should be placed in the street, at the curb line away from parked  cars.   To avoid damage to Borough Property, DO NOT place tree limbs or branches in the pile.  Leave enough room in the  gutter to allow storm water to reach the drains.  If cars are parked on, or too near the leaf piles, leaves cannot be picked up.   Leaves will be picked up on a rotating schedule.  Pick ups depend upon the weather and Public Works emergencies.  If leaves  are put out after the truck picks up the piles in the street, the Public Works crew will not return until the next scheduled pick up  on the street.  Leaves will not be picked up after December 15th.  Appliances/White Goods/Light Metals.  All appliances (washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, window air conditioners, etc.)  are picked up on the 4th Friday of the month.  These items MUST HAVE the doors removed before placing at the curb.  Large  metal items such as old metals sheds, pools sides, etc, must be disassembled before placement to the curb.  Metal fencing  must be rolled or crushed.  Metal fence posts must have the concrete removed from the base.  In the event that an item must  be placed at the curb other than on the 4th Friday of the month, please call Public Works at 848-2363 for an alternate date.  Do  not put the item out sooner than the pick up appointment.  (Auto parts will not be picked up.)  Hazardous Household Waste.  The improper disposal of hazardous household waste can cause problems for the entire  community.  Some waste is toxic to humans and wildlife, while others can cause serious medical problems.  NEVER dump  hazardous waste down a toilet or drain, or on the ground, or in a catch basin or storm drain where they could contaminate soil  or be carried into local streams and drinking water sources.  (Any product which is labeled “warning, caution, poisonous, toxic,  flammable, corrosive, reactive or explosive” is considered hazardous.)  (This also includes household products that contain  toxic chemicals, ammunition, paint, pesticides, herbicides, turpentine, lighter fluid, photographic and pool chemicals, rat  poison, car batteries, and other hazardous materials.) Gloucester County sponsors several “Household Special Waste” collection days each year.  These items may be taken to the  County for proper disposal.  For additional information, call the Gloucester County Improvement Authority at 848-4002 or visit  their web site. Asbestos products are never to be disposed of with your household trash.  For information regarding the disposal of asbestos,  please contact the Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex at 478-6045.   
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